Why your elbow is uncomfortable?

Friends who like to play tennis, badminton and table tennis will hurt their elbows when they play a ball, especially when they play backhand. Experts tell us this is commonly called “tennis elbow”. And this tennis elbow is mainly in the moment of hitting the ball, wrist joint is not braked, there is no lock wrist, forearm extensor muscle is excessively stretched, causing attachment damage. The elbow formed by humerus,fluky bones and ulna.It joins the upper arm and the lower arm, integrates the arm movement skillfully and coordinately and makes the arm bend, stretch and rotate to make a better performance. However excessive repetitive labor, excessive exercise, sudden trauma, resulting in tendon fatigue, inflammation and abscess, such as “tennis elbow” and “golf elbow”. This will also affect hand function, result in limited elbow movement angle. In addition, the injury of the upper arm muscles will affect the bending and straightening of the elbow.

Aiming at the tendons that are often injured in elbow, elbow protector exerts appropriate pressure to restrain the function of injured tendons and reduce the degree of injury aggravated by excessive contraction. The design of elbow protector can even alleviate pain and avoid fatigue, and help the function of the hand to be more coordinated.


Elbow Brace features 1. Thermotherapy: Warm and humid heat treatment is the most important treatment for injured joints and tendons by most coaches and rehabilitation doctors. Elbow protector is made of high-grade elastic cloth, which can be completely close to the use site, prevent the loss of body temperature, alleviate the pain of the affected part, and accelerate recovery. 2. Promote blood circulation: Because of the heat of treatment maintained by elbow protector, promote the blood circulation of muscle tissue at the site of use. This effect is very beneficial to the treatment of arthritis and joint pain. In addition, good blood circulation can play a more important role in muscle movement and reduce injury. 3. Supporting and stabilizing effect: elbow protector can enhance the joint and ligament to resist the impact of external force. Effective protection of joints and ligaments.

4. Lightweight, breathable elastic material, comfortable to wear, with good support and shock mitigation, machine washable, easy to wear, suitable for running, ball games and outdoor sports.


elbow brace

Some people like some extreme sports, must wear professional protective gear, so as to effectively prevent injuries. Finally, we should remind you that protective gear only plays a certain protective role in sports, so in addition to wearing some protective gear, we should try to master the regular technical movements, strictly abide by the rules of the competition.

Post time: Nov-19-2020